My Husband Is Ashamed of My Hijab

If you are a sister who has converted to Islam, or you were born Muslim and have started to sincerely practise your faith, you will naturally want to wear hijab.

This is a difficult step to take as there are so many obstacles to tackle on the road to achieve this. Many converts find that their family are really embarrassed to be seen out with them, that they don’t want to be seen in public together. Or even sisters who are born into the faith, their husband is embarrassed to take his wife out because of her hijab.

This is mainly because our families worry about our safety, especially with Islamophobia being normalised and acceptable. And as well, they are worried about what people will think.

Just remember that if Allah is pleased with you that is all that matters. Do it for His sake and He will help people accept your hijab and He will keep you safe.