Living Ibrahim’s (AS) Legacy

One of the duas that Ibrahim made is: “O Allah, do not let us be a trial for the disbelievers.” The Quran 60:5. This means that if the disbelievers are victorious over us they might take it that they are on something true and not us. The second meaning is that our behaviour shouldn’t be a reason why we repel people against us.

Our dawah that we do should be exemplified. When we make dawah we should do it with good character. Even if we do not talk to people about Islam, our bahaviour should show people are beautiful Muslims are in character. We need to think about our individual behaviour and how it impacts on people. 

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to think about every action that he did. And he was concerned about the perception of others and within the community. He didn’t want to give the Islamophobes ammunition against Muslims. We should have a high sensitivity that we are always paying attention to how we are reflecting our faith around us. 

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