Leif Skjetne – From a Priest of 30 Years to Islam!

Leif Skjetne was a priest for 30 years in Sweden. At 77, the former Swedish priest became a Muslim! However, it was revealed that he converted to Islam in 2017 long before he left the Church of Sweden. 

 Leif grew up in Oslo in Norway but he moved to Smedjebacken in 1984 where he worked as a priest until 1986. During his time as a priest in Sweden he worked with refugees. One of those refugees was a Muslim named Abdullah. Leif lived with him and they eventually became very good friends. During his time with Abdullah Leif learnt a lot about Islam. 

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He saw that Christianity and Islam had so much in common. He saw that all of the teachings in Christianity was actually in Islam. It is reported that Leif accepted Islam in 2017 and changed his name to Ahmed. He made a major decision and he moved to Morocco and lived as a pensioner. 

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