Jinn Can Enter Your Body if You Do This

What are the reasons a jinn can enter your body? There are three reasons. Do you know them? Check them out!

Jinn are a creation like us who do have the freedom to choose. They can also make mistakes. One reason the jinn can enter is just simply because they do not like you. Another reason is the jinn may love you. When you walk around naked guess who is watching you? The jinn are. This is why we say Bismillah when we change our clothes as this puts a curtain in front of you and the jinn. 

Another reason is unintentionally harming the jinn. For an example if we pour hot water on the ground and hurt a jinn they come inside you. That is why we say bismillah during every action.

Also when we get very angry the jinn can come inside us. When we are angry first if we are standing we should sit down, if we are sitting we should lie down. Then make wudhu and pray.