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Islam Embraces All Religions: The Tolerance of Islam

Do we really understand the true meaning of the tolerance of Islam?

In this thought provoking reflection, Sheikh Hamza Yusuf reflects on the concept of tolerance of Islam and da’wah in Islam.

There are two ways of embrace: the embrace of an equal and the embrace of a superior.

The embrace of an equal is someone who is the same as you, like your brother for example.

What’s the embrace of a superior to an inferior?

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A child, you pick him up and you embrace him, you hold him.

That’s Islam.

Islam can take all those other religions and just embrace them all.

God is so great, that God would even allow someone who denies Him to exist… That’s greatness.

He would feed him, would nurture him, give him rain, keep his body healthy, give him a wife and children that love him, …

Allah would do all of that, and that person denies Allah’s existence.

Sheikh Hamza in this video then tells the story of Prophet Ibrahim, peace be upon him, when one day he invited a stranger for a meal, as he never used to eat on him own, then discovered the guest was a polytheist, so he sent him away.

God revealed to him that for 40 years He provided for that person despite his denial of God, and you could not be patient with him for one meal?

Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him, then asked the guest to return, and when he asked him why, he told him what happened so the man declared his belief in God.

That is Islam.

We can embrace them…

What Does Da’wah Mean?

It’s an invitation.

Now if I put a gun to your head and say you’re coming to dinner at my house, is that an invitation?


It’s not, is it?

You are not inviting somebody, you are forcing him to come, while Allah (SWT) says in the Qur’an:

There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion.” (2:256)

An invitation is only valid if you allow the person the possibility of refusing it.

Now, who would allow the person that possibility?

A generous host.

Allah (SWT) has made a house, He called it Dar as-Salam, and He invited His creation to it, and He gave them the option to refuse to come to His House.

So if people refuse it, why are you so fearful of them? …

Islam is the only religion that has allowed others to exist side by side.

Don’t miss this excellent three minute reflection by Sheikh Hamza.