Is the Star and Crescent a Symbol of Islam?

Is the star and crescent a symbol of Islam? The star and crescent has been used as an icon since ancient times. Historians have found it has been in use as far as the Sumerian era when the star symbolised Ishtar. Historically it has been a very popular icon.

The star and crescent was adopted as a symbol by the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire governed the Muslim people for hundreds of years. Because of this the star and crescent became connected to Muslims and Islam in people’s minds. The star and crescent was displayed on the Ottoman’s official flag. Many countries that were apart of the Ottoman Empire retain the symbol on their flags as well as Turkey.

Many Europeans saw this as a symbol of Islam and some Muslims also. However, this symbol is not mentioned in the Quran or Hadith literature. Early Muslims did not use this symbol at all. This symbol is not representative of Islam and dates back to times before Islam. It has only been used because of the Ottoman rule.