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Invite People to Islam: How?

Do you want to invite people to Islam by giving da’wah?

Da’wah is not something you should do.

Da’wah is something you should be.

To be da’wah, means having a very good character, and building your character to be the best example you can be, and that is following the example of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

If you show the best example, you can amaze people by the goodness of Islam, and that will attract people to Islam.

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At the end, Allah is the One who is leading people, we cannot do it, we can only be the best example we can be.

There is a saying, you first have to tie your camel, and afterwards you trust Allah.

So we have to do the best we can do, tie our camel, then after that we trust Allah (SWT).

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