Ibrahim (AS) Prayed for His Descendants

Ibrahim said: “O Allah, let me be amongst those who establish the prayer and (raise such) from my offspring as well.” Quran 14:40. Ibrahim looks at this but he also wants to establish the prayer in the way that Allah has gifted it to us. 

We all try to teach our children to pray and they get to 7 or 8 years old and they start to pray next to you. But we worry what will happen when they get older and we can’t see them any more. Will they still continue to pray? Ismael established the prayer with his children. He promised his father that he will be among the patient and he will not refuse the command of God. 

When Ibrahim (AS) was dying he was affirming with his son Isaac and his grandson Yakub, are you going to worship that one God and stay upon that worship to one God. Yakub did the same to his descendants when he was dying also. The most important thing to them was that their descendants were on that tawheed. 

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