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How to React When They Say Bad Things?

In life we will hear people say things that are untrue about us. How should we react when they say bad things about us?

Why does this happen? Because when Allah (swt) created us, He told us we will be tested. Allah sent His messengers to tell us what to do, and what not to do. Allah told us that if we follow the messengers (as) we will not be led astray. So we can see from the example of the messengers, they also went through times where people said untrue things about them. 

When someone lies about you, when someone accuses you, the first thing you need to do as a believer is to thank Allah. It might sound strange. Allah (swt) has chosen you. He is preparing you to go through a certain sunnah that you can only experience when someone accuses you or lies about you.

How can you fulfil the sunnah of bearing patience without going through this test? How can you be patient when no one says anything against you?

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