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How Fortune Tellers and Magicians Work

This is an important topic. Today there are many people who will claim to be Muslims who can heal etc. and they are just magicians. 

We must be very careful not to get involved in this shirk. Shirk is the jinn doing their tricks. The question is why do they do it? Note the magician cannot practise magic without committing shirk. 

There was one magician who repented and told his story. He said he had a teacher who showed him all of his strength and power and he desired to learn it. He stayed in a cave in a remote place and had no fire no light or warmth. He sat in one place for days after days sitting and sleeping in his own filth. After a few days the shayateen came to him and taught him some magic. 

These magicians fool us with their apparent piety. They may pray in the masjid but without wudhu!

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