Heartwarming: Top 10 Moments of Hajj 2019

Let’s feel the wonderful connection that we have as Muslims mashaAllah, when it comes to Hajj. Check out the top 10 moments of Hajj 2019!

Imagine that there is a place on earth where Muslim worshippers are brought together.

Against all odd people from different nationalities and skin colors are sharing their love and devotion to Allah Subhana We taala.

Here are some the precious moments you can watch in this video:

A very enthusiastic group of pilgrims from Philadelphia.

Worshippers who cycled from UK and Kenya to Mecca to raise money for charity.

An amazing Indonesian woman who saved for 26 years (selling recyclable trash) to pay for her Hajj.

A soldier who carried an elderly worshipper in his arms through all the Hajj rituals because he was too weak to walk.

May Allah forgive all of them and let us perform Hajj and forgive all our sins, ameen.

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