Hadith – The Call of the Husband

Is it true that if a woman doesn’t answer the call of her husband she will be cursed by the angels as narrated in an hadith?

When the husband desires intimate relations with his wife it is true that the woman should answer the call of her husband. The point of this hadith is that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is telling the women that they have an obligation to answer their husband’s needs in this regard as long as they do not have a legitimate excuse. 

If a woman is sick or she has a headache and is tired then she should tell her husband and he should take that into account. However, women should not deprive their husbands of intimacy based on an argument. This will harm the marriage. 

The husband always has to take care of his wife and provide for her no matter how bad the argument is. 

We need to understand the purpose of the hadith and that we shouldn’t cross the red line when it comes to marital issues. 

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