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Getting Married? Check the Family of Your Potential Husband

A mistake many sisters make nowadays when getting married is that they do not check the family of their potential husband. Why should we check the family? It is very important because you need to make sure the family you are marrying into has the same values as you have been raised with. 

The man you marry might be brilliant but the family may not be. May be they curse at each other, use violence with each other and are abusive. If you are going to live among them and their ways are very different to you ways then you will struggle. 

This is why Islamically you are entitled to separate houses when you marry but not everyone can afford that. You should look into whether you will be living with your in-laws. If you are, are they people who will respect and honour you?

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Mufti Menk has some excellent advice for brothers and sisters who are about to get married! 

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