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Fascinating Adhan Resonates within the Alhambra.

In diverse places in the world, you can hear the fascinating adhan. Its sound unites the worshippers; hence it is a very precious call.

Since it is calling the Muslims for their 5 daily prayers, one sees the importance of it.

Furthermore, the adhan is said to be an invitation to Islam. First, part of the adhan testifies that Allah is the greatest and the only God. Second, that Muhammad (pbuh) is His Prophet.

The adhan in this video, was called by Mouaz Al-Nass, who is from Syrian origin. His statement about the adhan was very touching. He said:”I felt that the walls had missed hearing the call to Allah”.

When Muslims ruled in Spain (almost 800 years), they built the Alhambra palace in the city of Granada.  But in 1492 Granada city fell in the hands of Catholic powers; hence came under Christian rulers. As a consequence, Muslims were forced to convert to Christianity or faced torture.

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Speaking about the palace of Alhambra, it is one of the many gems of the Islamic heritage. It is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For this reason its gardens and architecture are one of the top attractions in Spain.

What is the adhan?

What is the Adhan? The Muslim Call to Prayer