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Don’t Worship Allah When You Are Older. Start Now!

There is no time like the present so they say. Don’t worship Allah when you are older. You should start prioritizing the worship now.

A tree is small, then it grows, it gets the leaves, then it gets bigger, it then loses it’s leaves and then the structure falls. The same with humans, we are small, we grow, we start develop into adults, then we get old and then we die.

We always think that the next phase of our life will be easier to worship Allah. The soul knows what it did in the beginning to worship Allah and what you do as you get older. On the Day of Judgement we will know this because Allah is recording it.

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We make excuses when we are young as to why we can’t worship Allah. We have exams etc… but as we get older the life gets a lot busier. For some reason we believe that when we get older, life will not be busier.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told us to take care of our youth before we get old, our free time before we get busy and our health before we get sick. All of these things happen when we get older.

We shouldn’t procrastinate in our worship of Allah. We shouldn’t say we will worship Him when we are older. This is a trap of Satan.

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