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Don’t Want Them to Go to Paradise?

Many people don’t want certain people to join them in Paradise. Is that possible? Our deeds will never be good enough to go to paradise alone, we need the mercy of Allah. We hear people say “If I am in paradise and I see so and so there then I don’t want to be there”or “I don’t want him or her as my husband or wife in jannah”. 

Once you are in jannah the Almighty has promised us that we will have whatever we want. The Almighty is going to have to deal with our likes and dislikes when we get there! 

In a hadith the Prophet (pbuh) tells us that in jannah there will be what no eyes have never seen and no ears have never heard. When we get to paradise then we will decide what we want .It is too early to decide what we want in jannah just from our limited experiences in this world.

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