What is the Crime Against the Sunnah?

There is a crime against the Sunnah.

I want to warn myself and all of you of this crime.

That is when you say something is Sunnah and it is not.

Or when you say something is Sunnah which you don’t really understand how and when that Sunnah was established, so you draw your own conclusions about that Sunnah, or that Hadith.

The thing about a Hadith is for example, that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said it in a certain place, he said it to a certain group of people, he said it to a certain family …

And you know when you walk in on somebody’s conversation, and he is already talking to someone, he is not giving a lecture to everybody but talking to someone in particular…

Could it be that he is dealing with a special situation?

It could be, right?

Now if you don’t know that, you will think he is giving a policy for everyone.

So you have to know the background.

You have to know context for the Sunnah.

You can’t just read the translation of a Hadith and say I know what that means, I know how to apply it, because that’s also unfair to the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

It’s unfair to not know how it was applied, how it was meant…

And so this is actually a big danger, because people will make you feel guilty you are not following Sunnah.

“Look, it says right here in Al-Bukhari, … right here!”

But when you ask the question when was this said? Who was this said to?

How was it understood? How was it acted on?

What are the other subject matters on this same Hadith? How do you do it?

You know when I got into this subject, I love Hadith so much, that I’m scared to talk about something that I don’t fully, fully grasp…

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