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Browsing Social Media Feeds in the Masjid

Is browsing social media feeds in the masjid OK to do? One of the main aspects of getting ready for prayer is to disconnect your mind from other things.

We have the space between the adhan and iqama to free our hearts and minds of the distractions of this world. This is so when we enter into salah with Allah we have made ourselves ready for this act of worship.

If you are in the masjid and are looking at something on your phone, you should make sure that your social media is clean. You can send a message on your Whatsapp, review a message that has come into you or respond to someone who has tweeted you. These are part of present day communication.

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What we need to be very aware of is trawling through Instagram feeds or looking at things you are not really sure what might come around the corner. The masjid should be a mobile phone free place unless it is an emergency.