Brief Introduction to Hajj

Here is a brief introduction to Hajj, the 5th pillar of Islam. New Muslims are often amazed when they see so many people gather around the Kabah and pray. It is the unity of all Muslims praying together in the same place all at the same time.

The Hajj is something that is so extraordinary and it is a life changing experience for Muslims. We hear many people telling us to go to many amazing sites around the world. There is no problem in doing that. However, Hajj is a travel like any other. It is a spiritual journey.

Malcolm X said that “never have I experienced such sincere hospitality and true brotherhood as displayed by people of all races and colours in this ancient holy land, the home of Abraham, Muhammad and all of the other prophets of the holy scriptures. In the past week I have been utterly speechless and spellbound by the graciousness displayed around me by people of all colours.”

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