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Bosnian Refugees in Sweden: Three Success Stories

Bosnian refugees in Sweden offer success stories which gives hope to many refugees around the world.

Millions of refugees fleeing war and persecution face the daunting task of starting a new life far from home.

During the Bosnian war in the mid-1990s, fifty-thousand Bosnians and Herzegovinians did exactly that, in Sweden.

Some now run their own businesses there, employing hundreds of people, as Victoria Gatenby of AJE reports.

The first success story is that of Mujo, a Bosnian refugee who arrived in Sweden with nothing.

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He started selling cars in his backyard, and now his company has a yearly turnover of more than 1.5 million dollars.

He had to work hard to win the trust of customers, but he also says the Swedish authorities were very supportive.

Another success story is that of Nedzad, who owns five transport companies in Sweden, and plans to open a sixth in Slovenia.

Hamdija, the Bosnian owner of a software company which employs 150 people, was chosen as business man of the year, and plans to open a new company in Bosnia.

These former refugees adapted quickly to life in Sweden, and are grateful that they were not only given a safe place to live, but a chance to rebuild their lives and support their families.

These success stories of former refugees in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe are a good reminder of the win-win relation between refugees and their new adopted countries when given support and a fair chance to rebuild their lives.

Don’t miss these interesting success stories in this three minutes video.