And Her Too? – Hadith

Here is a very important hadith showing how Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) treated his wife, ‘Aisha (RA). It shows his excellent conduct.

One of the Prophet’s (PBHU) neighbours used to make excellent soup. He invited Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to eat with him. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “and her too?” meaning ‘Aisha (RA). The neighbour said no so Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) refused. So the neighbour asked him another time and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “and her too?” Again the neighbour refused. On the third time of asking the neighbour said yes to inviting both Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and ‘Aisha (RA) and so they both went.

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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would not accept food from his neighbour without his wife. This is an important lesson that we should learn about the respect and treatment of our wives.