5 Lessons in 5 Years of Being a Muslim!

In this video sister Jess discusses the 5 lessons lessons she has learnt in 5 years of being a Muslim convert. She has learnt many lessons but these are the 5 most important lessons she has learnt.

Lesson number 1 , take it slow! Things get overwhelming when things go so fast. When you rush to make decisions that you don’t fully understand or without the required knowledge, you will fall back on those decisions.

Lesson number 2, be easy on your family. Have respect for them even if their beliefs are different to yours. You are going through some major changes but it is not easy for your family to see. Parents put so much time and effort into their children so don’t dismiss them or their beliefs. Don’t demand them to make changes or be disrespectful. Lead by example and do not preach at them.

Lesson number 3, community. You need a sense of belonging. If you don’t get that you will feel lonely. You have to make effort to be part of the community but it is important for you to get involved with the community.

Lesson number 4, have faith and trust in Allah. You have to learn to have faith and trust in Allah. You can face anything and when you have trust in Allah you will feel peace in your heart. It is a skill that you have to work on and focus on.

Lesson number 5, you can still be you. You do not have to abandon your culture. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You do not need to wipe your whole life because you became Muslim. Keep your name, cook the food you like and keep your lineage.