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10 Powerful Prayers in the Quran

The Quran is the book for all mankind. In the Quran we will find lessons, stories from the prophets and powerful prayers that we can all say. 

Here are 10 powerful prayers in the Quran:

10. Prayer for health – health is considered one of the biggest blessings from Allah. Surah Fatihah is used to pray for a cure against every disease. 

9. Prayer to make you a righteous person – we believe that when we die we will be gathered in front of Allah and held accountable for the things we did in this life. We all want to better ourselves so we can go to Paradise. Surah 7:47 is a prayer to make us righteous. 

8. Prayer to strengthen our iman – we all want to strengthen our faith in Islam because this world is filled with temptations. Surah 3:8 is a prayer to strengthen our iman. 

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7. Prayer for strength when facing hardship – every hardship we face in this life is a test from Allah. Surah 2:286 is a prayer to find comfort and strength when facing hardship. 

6. Prayer for a good spouse and children – we all want a good spouse and righteous children. In the Quran 25:74 there is a prayer to be recited often to find a righteous spouse. 

5. Prayer for purification – we are surrounded by vulgarity and sexual temptations. In the Quran 3:193 there is a dua asking Allah to make us pure and rid us of our bad deeds. 

4. Prayer for seeking forgiveness – we must all seek forgiveness from Allah so that we can go to Paradise on Judgement Day. There is a powerful prayer for forgiveness in the Quran in surah 21:87.

3. Prayer for blessings from Allah – the prayer bismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim is a very powerful prayer and is repeated several times throughout the Quran.

2. Prayer for safety and security – we live in a world where any tragedy can happen at any time. Muslims pray so we can be protected from such things. 2:255, Ayat Al-Kursi is an extremely powerful aya to use for this reason. 

1. Prayer for afterlife – we believe in the afterlife and we want the best in our afterlife. 2:201 is a prayer to ask Allah to grant us paradise and save us for hell. 

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