Subliminal messages ( affirmations)

I do not see how affirmations can cause a change of eye or skin color or bring about other variations.


The general guideline in Islam is that we are not allowed to alter or to interfere with Allah’s creation to mutilate or disfigure it. It was the sworn project of Satan when he was expelled from paradise. He pledged to lead men astray by such methods.


We are only allowed to resort to measures to enhance it and not to disfigure or distort it.


Islam also teaches us that we should accept what Allah has given us. So,  if we are black or brown or white, we should be content with it.


Likewise, we should be happy with the eye color that Allah has given. However, we are allowed to resort to treatments if we have a deformity or medical condition that needs to be corrected or treated for us to function normally.


Almighty Allah knows best.

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