Sitting on a table that serves alcohol

The Prophet has warned us against keeping bad company; he has also warned us against condoning the evil and those who do evil. Alcohol consumption is a big evil that may lead to other sins; it can be a slippery road for a person to take.


According to the rules of jurisprudence that which leads to haram is also deemed as haram.


Therefore, your husband should not keep such a company; by doing so, he is endangering his salvation.


The Prophet said, “the parable of a good companion is like that of a person keeping the company of a perfume seller; by doing, he stands to benefit by smelling the perfume or partaking of it.


On the other hand, by keeping a bad company, one is like a person sitting near an ironsmith who blows into bellows. One may get the sparks or ashes coming from the bellows.”


As Imam Ghazali tells us, the company we keep may influence us positively or negatively, for as humans, we tend to gradually imbibe the traits or habits of those whose company we keep.


That is a fact we can vouch for as we see good people become corrupt because of keeping the company of the evil people.


I pray to Allah to make us cherish faith and virtuous deeds; and make us hate disbelief, disobedience, and sins of all kinds.


Allah Almighty knows best.

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