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Wa`alykum as-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh.


Allah orders men ‘not to cause harm,’ and in case of conflicts between spouses, Allah orders men to keep their wives in marriage by treating them honorably; if that is not possible, then  by releasing them honorably.” And do not hold them as prisoners to oppress them.”


By violating such explicit divine mandates, Allah warns men that they are harming their souls; and that they are accountable before Allah.”


In light of these divine imperatives, the rule of jurisprudence states, “where there is harm, it should be removed.”


If the harm cannot be removed except through divorce, it is allowed.


Furthermore, a woman in Islam is not bound to continue in a marriage where she finds no fulfillment or happiness. Abuse, whether emotional or physical, is sufficient ground for divorce.


Once the wife of an eminent companion approached the Prophet saying: I do not fault his character or religion; however, I am afraid I cannot keep myself chaste while being married to him.” On hearing this, the Prophet ordered her to return the mahr he gave her and dissolved the marriage.


It is therefore reasonable for us to conclude from the above that a woman suffering emotional or physical abuse from her husband has a right to seek divorce through the legal channels, if necessary.


You may also consult the answer posted here for further details on valid grounds for divorce:


Almighty Allah knows best.

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