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Islam is a religion that celebrates life and stresses balance and moderation while catering to all of the legitimate instincts of men and women.


Therefore, we are allowed to have fun; however, joy is often confused with transgressions and indulging in raw carnal satisfactions.


If by fun, we mean enjoyment of life that is pure and wholesome, Islam not only allows it but also encourages it.


Allah asks, “Who has the authority to prohibit the good things that Allah has produced for His servants; it is for them in this world and for them solely in the next world.”


While enjoying the good things of life, we must never get carried away in indulging our carnal passions by breaking the limits or bounds Allah has set.


By doing so, instead of gaining pleasure, in the long run, we end up inflicting pain after pain. That is why we need to practice self-restraint and must never transgress the boundaries set by Allah, our Creator, who alone knows what ultimately brings lasting bliss and avert lasting pain.


Once you keep these boundaries in mind, you can be innovative in seeking lawful outlets that are bound to keep you energized, relaxed and thus self-fulfilled, and thus enable you to take on the challenges of life, emotionally, spiritually and physically charged.


Allah Almighty knows best.

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