Ask and seek

Wa`alykum as-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh.


There is no contradiction between the two: we ask people for things that are within their power and authority; that is how Allah has created the world.


In other words, they are causes appointed by Allah. However, while doing so, we need to believe that ultimately, Allah is the Uncaused Cause of all things; and that no one can do anything without the will of Allah, which is Supreme.


Therefore, while you seek the means and use causes appointed by Allah, you must never rely solely on them; instead, you do so while firmly believing that nothing can be done in the universe without the will of Allah.


We are taught to exert our utmost in achieving our goals while putting our trust in Allah. A believer is therefore ordered to pray while venturing out:

Bismillahi tawakkalthu ala Allah; laa hawla walaa quwwatha illaa billaahi


(In the name of Allah; I place my trust in Allah; there is no power or strength except by Allah).


The Prophet further said, “If you were to put your trust in Allah, He would provide for you as He provides for birds; see how they fly out of their nests at dawn and return at dusk saturated.”

The birds do not merely sit in their nests hoping to be fed by the divine power; instead, they fly out and seek the provision God has decreed for them by using the best of their God-given means and assets.


Allah Almighty knows best.

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