Youth-Related Issues (Live Fatwa Session)

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Saturday, Oct. 26, 2019 | 12:00 - 14:00 Makkah | 09:00 - 11:00 GMT

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How does Islam view early marriages of Muslim youth in non-Islamic societies?

Early marriage - About Islam

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “O the young people, those of you who can afford to support a family should get married for it helps to guard your eyes and keep you chaste.”


So, the purpose of marriage is guarding one’s chastity. Our scholars have ruled, if a person cannot guard his chastity and fears falling into sins, then he should get married; marriage in such a case is not simply a recommendation but an obligation as long as one can afford it.


If one cannot afford it, then one should seek to curb his sexual desires by fasting and occupying oneself with creative projects to turn his mind away from sinful thoughts until such time he is ready to take on the responsibility.


To conclude, if a person is an adult, male or female, he or she is eligible to seek marriage partnership provided they can fulfil the necessary conditions.


As for the requirements of a valid marriage, you may refer to the answer linked below:


Allah Almighty knows best.

What are the possible ways for Muslim youth to have fun in non-Muslim societies?

Have fun - About Islam

Islam is a religion that celebrates life and stresses balance and moderation while catering to all of the legitimate instincts of men and women.


Therefore, we are allowed to have fun; however, joy is often confused with transgressions and indulging in raw carnal satisfactions.


If by fun, we mean enjoyment of life that is pure and wholesome, Islam not only allows it but also encourages it.


Allah asks, “Who has the authority to prohibit the good things that Allah has produced for His servants; it is for them in this world and for them solely in the next world.”


While enjoying the good things of life, we must never get carried away in indulging our carnal passions by breaking the limits or bounds Allah has set.


By doing so, instead of gaining pleasure, in the long run, we end up inflicting pain after pain. That is why we need to practice self-restraint and must never transgress the boundaries set by Allah, our Creator, who alone knows what ultimately brings lasting bliss and avert lasting pain.


Once you keep these boundaries in mind, you can be innovative in seeking lawful outlets that are bound to keep you energized, relaxed and thus self-fulfilled, and thus enable you to take on the challenges of life, emotionally, spiritually and physically charged.


Allah Almighty knows best.

How should Muslim youth behave in mixed gatherings in the West?

Socialize - About Islam

Muslim youth can interact with members of the opposite sex as long as they govern themselves by the guidelines of Islamic ethics of male-female interactions. Here are a few points to stress which applies to all Muslims, males, and females:

1- Islamic teachings about modesty require that both men and women abide by the rules of modesty and decency in attire as well as appearance; this would entail avoiding revealing, transparent or tight dresses that invite attention and elicit lustful stares and thoughts. Humans are created weak; Allah, who created us, has revealed laws that are intended to safeguard us against our weaknesses.


2- While interacting with the members of the opposite sex, one should guard the eyes against lustful stares, and keep the mind focused on pure thoughts, and seek to dispel the Satanic whisperings and suggestions by arming ourselves with the weapon of dhikr and duaa.


3- To arm oneself with the weapon of dhikr means to turn to Allah seeking protection from the traps of Satan:

Prophet taught us to supplicate thus while venturing out:


Tawakkalthu ala Allah laa hawla walaa quwwatha illaa billaahi


In the name of Allah (I set out). I place my trust in Allah; there is no power or strength except by the will of Allah.


We are told when we do so, the angels will say, “You are saved and protected.” And Satan will keep away from him or her.


Allah Almighty knows best.

Assalamu alaikum shaikh. If a woman hears or recites ayat of sijda, is it mandatory that she should wash herself, do wudoo then cover herself like in prayer for doing sajda on prayer mattress?

Sajda - About Islam

Wa`alykum as-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh.


Wudu is necessary for making sujud al-sahw according to the majority of scholars.  However, there are some scholars like Ibn Taymiyyah who hold the view that one may do it without wudu. He argues there is no compelling evidence for making it essential.


Based on the latter view, you may still offer sajdah without wudu; however, it would be recommended to make wudhu, if you can.


Having said this, I would also suggest it is an excellent practice to be in a state of wudu unless there are valid reasons for not keeping the wudu. The Prophet said, “Wudu is the weapon of the believer.” By keeping wudu, one can be in a state of dhikr always, which helps to keep the Devil away. I pray to Allah to honor us to be in a state of remembrance always.


Allah Almighty knows best.


Assalamu alaikum I'm a woman & I have question about repentence. One of the conditions of repentance is to resolve to not do the sin again. What is the meaning of resolving here? Does it mean promise to Allaah & promise to myself not to sin again in a sense that, if I sin again, I have to give kaffarah for breaking oath? Or it is only firm determination for not doing sin?

Resolving - About Islam

Wa`alykum as-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh.


Resolving is making a firm intention. It is not the same as a vow. A vow is a solemn oath one makes by invoking the name of Allah. If one were to break a solemn oath, one should expiate for it by feeding ten poor persons or fasting three days.


In the case of repentance, one should form a sincere intention to refrain from the sin. If one were to repeat the same, he should make repentance again. However, by persisting on the sin, one may fall in the category of those who are jesting, which is blasphemous and is a greater sin.


After all, he would be risking his eternal salvation if he were to die in such a state. Therefore, as believers, we ought to persist in repentance by keeping away from sins. One should implore the mercy and help of Allah for doing so. With sincere intention, coupled with the grace of Allah, one can hope to achieve success.


Allah Almighty knows best.

My husband lives abroad in a very in-Islamic country for work. He prays, fasts alhamdulillah. Stays away from any form of alcohol. But since the Muslim community is extremely low, he has a lot of non-Muslim friends that often call him at 10-11 p.m to link up/meet in bars and pubs and he ends up staying till 1 -2 a.m. I’m 100% certain he doesn’t drink alhamdulillah and I understand he does this only because he doesn’t have a lot of friends from the same belief. But the whole idea of him sitting on a table where alcohol is served, music being played and even women dressed indecently makes me sick to the stomach. I brought it up once and he called me controlling. I told him I can’t control him because it’s not my opinion but a GOD given command to stay away from evil and environments that encourage evil even if he doesn’t indulge in it. The matter was left unsolved. I need advice. What do I do? ISNT sitting on a table where alcohol is served haram? I fear this could lead towards bigger evil. And I have a hard time shushing the waswaas in my head. Shaytan whispers thoughts that make me feel betrayed even though nothing has occurred . He loves me very much alhamdulillah but I look for more than love in a man. Always have. I seek for faith.

Sitting on a table that serves alcohol - About Islam

The Prophet has warned us against keeping bad company; he has also warned us against condoning the evil and those who do evil. Alcohol consumption is a big evil that may lead to other sins; it can be a slippery road for a person to take.


According to the rules of jurisprudence that which leads to haram is also deemed as haram.


Therefore, your husband should not keep such a company; by doing so, he is endangering his salvation.


The Prophet said, “the parable of a good companion is like that of a person keeping the company of a perfume seller; by doing, he stands to benefit by smelling the perfume or partaking of it.


On the other hand, by keeping a bad company, one is like a person sitting near an ironsmith who blows into bellows. One may get the sparks or ashes coming from the bellows.”


As Imam Ghazali tells us, the company we keep may influence us positively or negatively, for as humans, we tend to gradually imbibe the traits or habits of those whose company we keep.


That is a fact we can vouch for as we see good people become corrupt because of keeping the company of the evil people.


I pray to Allah to make us cherish faith and virtuous deeds; and make us hate disbelief, disobedience, and sins of all kinds.


Allah Almighty knows best.