Surah Al Fatiha


Please can you tell me why some people do not recite Surah Al Fatiha in Janazza Salah as I heard no Salah is valid without reading Surah Al Fatiha? Jazak Allaah Khair.


There is no need to insist that reading Fathihah is a must in Janaza. Janazah is mainly a prayer of intercession on behalf of the deceased; so in this sense it is not like other prayers. That is why the practice of Muslims  starting from the time of the pious predecessors has varied on this: some of them used to read Fathiah, while others simply recited thana or formula of praising and glorification of Allah, while still others did both of them.

There is no explicit text from the Prophet insisting that we ought to read Fatiha in Janazah prayer. That is why there is a latitude in this matter. So, one should never be rigid on this issue. You may follow either of the above views.

Almighty Allah Knows best.

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