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I am blessed with baby boy and named him arham ahmed. But somw telling it is not good to call as arham. Please assit on this. If need to change name how to do it and Arish , Ariz would be good name to keep


Let me first congratulate you for this great blessing of Allah. I pray that Allah makes him a source of joy for you and your family and an asset to the community.

Now coming to the question of naming him Arham, I would state: There is nothing objectionable about it.

We are not allowed to name people with the specific names of Allah or attributes that exclusively refer to Him; so, we are not permitted to call someone al-rahman or al-raheem, or al-azeez, al-aleem, etc.

Arham is not one of such names.  The ruling would be different if you name him Arham al-rrahimeen, which is an exclusive title or description of Allah.

So, there is nothing wrong if your name your baby Arham Ahmad.

There is no need for you to change it.

Never mind what that person has advised you. He may be confused or has been misinformed.

Almighty Allah Knows best.

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