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Asalumu aleykum. I have a question regarding a problem in my university Islamic mosque, the have put up a certificate which they received from the university showing that they have won the best society of 2019 but in the mixed of the certificate it has a lgbtq 🏳️🌈 flag in it. It irritates me because they lgbt is against allah and for that to be advertised near the mosque is haraam? Makrouh? What actions should be taken? Jazakallahu khair.

I was going to rip it off but thought I have to ask people of knowledge first then talk to the society leaders about it with clear proof which inshallah you will provide it for me.


Wa `alaykum As-Salamu waRahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

Sexual perversions of all sorts, whether bisexual, heterosexual or, out of wedlock, whether between married spouses, males, and females, are abominations.

Allah tells us in the Quran that in so far as Allah has forbidden things, it is solely for human welfare, and that He has prohibited only things that are filthy and harmful. We must not only shun what is forbidden but also refrain from any activities promoting or condoning them. There is no difference between the two.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) warned us that one of the signs of the hour would be the prevalence of permissiveness and promiscuity. When they become rampant, Allah will send down afflictions that humankind never knew before.” So there is no wonder that people die of various sexually transmitted diseases such as aids, herpes, and others. Therefore, Muslims ought to preach and practice chastity and sexual purity; and it should be the last place to condone or propagate lifestyles that Sharia considers as sexual perversions.

Therefore, for a masjid to display an LGBT flag is indeed objectionable in Islam.

The congregants must insist on the Board of Directors to uphold Islamic values and ethics and revoke this decision.

Almighty Allah Knows best.

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