Marriage in Jannah


Is it possible and permissible to marry someone in Jannah who we couldn’t marry due to some circumstances in this world? They kept praying that they get united in jannah but here in this world the girl get married to someone else and the boy want to stayed Single. Both want to be in jannah together .

Plz answer me Soon and answer me with proves


If you have had a love affair with a woman and then she got married to someone else, it is time for you to forget it and move on with your life. In life, you cannot expect to get everything you wished. Islam teaches us it is wrong for you to covet someone’s wife; the fact that you loved her in the past does not make it halal for you to continue to cherish that love once she has been married to someone else.

Even as she is someone’s wife in this world, she would remain his wife if she dies while still married to that person – provided they both go to paradise. It would be, again, wrong on your part to be married to her in Jannah.

I would advise you to seek counselling and break your mind free of this infatuation and addiction, for I think it is not healthy for you emotionally or spiritually.

I would urge you to pray:

O Allah, make me cherish faith and embellish my heart with it and make me hate disbelief, transgressions, and acts of disobedience.

Lastly, it would be better for us to focus on actions that would bring us close to Jannah and turn us away from all the things that may lead us to hellfire. We are told that in Jannah, we will experience such abiding bliss like no eyes have ever seen, no ears have heard about, and no mind could ever imagine.  So, let us pray to Allah to bestow on us that supreme honor.

 Allah Almighty knows best.

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