Salam Alaikum,

I’ve been affected by the whispers of Shaitan I have these horrible thoughts that Allah isn’t real and the day of judgment won’t happen. These thoughts occur every single time and I’ve tried reading Quran I do pray 5 times a day my heart tells me to pray and read Quran, but my mind keeps being filled with these bad thoughts. I seek refuge from Allah  from these bad thoughts but they don’t go away they always come back

I haven’t abandoned my salah nor the Quran and I don’t know what to do anymore. I make dua every single day for Allah to increase me in the knowledge of Islam and to make these thoughts go away. But every time I think of Allah these thoughts occur please help my heart haven’t been affected by these whispers but I’m scared it will and I’ll be among those who enter the hellfire.


As salamu Alaikum brother,

Shokran for writing to our live session with your most important concerns. As I understand your situation, you feel that you have been affected by The Whispers of the shaitan. You state that you have horrible thoughts about Allah not being real and that the day of judgment won’t happen. You stated these thoughts happen when you try to read the Qur’an.

A Righteous Muslim

Brother, you stayed that you do pray your five daily prayers, you read Qur’an, and you pray to Allah for relief from these thoughts. However, despite your high iman as well as your praying for relief, these thoughts still occur. Brother, it is obvious that you love Allah very much and that you are a pious Muslim with good intentions. I can imagine what you are going through is very scary.

Intrusive Thoughts-Anxiety Spectrum or Whisperings

What you may be experiencing could be related to anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or some other mental health issue that deals with intrusive thoughts. I cannot diagnose you only a therapist in your area who assesses you can do that, however it does sound like you may be suffering from some form of anxiety as your thoughts are intrusive. Yes, it is possible it may be the whisperings of shaitan, but most of the time reoccurring, unstoppable thoughts are related to a mental health issue. The only way to determine this is to get an assessment by a counselor. Many people experience intrusive thoughts due to OCD which is a disorder often relating to anxiety.  It is treatable.


Brother, I kindly suggest that you do seek counseling in your area for this. There is no need to suffer when there are treatments available. The counselor will be able to assess you and determine if you do indeed have a mental health disorder that would cause this. If you do suffer from OCD, this is a very common situation with many people worldwide. Intrusive thoughts can be part of OCD and OCD is part of the anxiety spectrum. Yes, it can be scary, and oftentimes people feel they cannot stop the thoughts. However, it is a rather common condition that can be treated with counseling and sometimes medication.


I understand your fear of these Whispers or thought intrusions. Brother, please do be comforted by the fact that Allah loves you very much and He understands your situation, and He knows your heart. Allah is most merciful. Allah created you, He knows your struggles and your test and trials. Allah also provides help for us in times of need. Along with prayers and other spiritual acts of worship which aid us in times of distress, Allah created human beings with compassion and desire to become doctors, counselors, nurses, teachers and other helpers in life. When we are experiencing issues such as yours, we are to seek out the help that is available. Brother, please do inform your family and doctor about what you are experiencing and request a referral to a counselor. The sooner you seek treatment, the sooner you will begin to feel better. We wish you the best.

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