Is women’s religious faith the most valuable thing or her virginity / honour/izzat according to Islam?  When she is raped, people tell, she has lost her most valuable thing named honour/izzat. And the victim herself thinks all hopes are at end. Please kindly help me to understand the truth.


That is the fault of people; it has nothing to do with true Islam.

How can we blame Islam for the corrupt practices or beliefs of people who have no sound knowledge of it?  How can you believe that Allah will inflict double punishment for no sin on your part?

You were a victim of rape; it was an act of oppression inflicted upon you. So, Allah, the All-Merciful, would only have mercy for you and will vindicate you on the day of resurrection.

The rapist, as well as those who are blaming and hurting you will be called to account. You can rest assured Allah will compensate you. Never lose your confidence. You are an innocent person. Islam teaches us to side with the innocent and to help them to get justice. If they did not give it to you here in this world, you would get it in the next world.

If anyone were to refuse to marry you simply for the reason of being a victim of rape, he is also going against the teachings of Islam.

So, I would advise you not to give up praying to Allah. Allah can send someone who is a conscientious Muslim to marry you.

Almighty Allah Knows best.

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