Sheikh whenever I do a sin i seek forgiveness from God but I do struggle to achieve feelings and emotions of regret but I know in my mind what i have done is wrong and unacceptable and not proud of it will that my invalidate my tawbah kindly clarify


You need to try your best to induce a feeling of remorse.  You can do it best by thinking of the many blessings of Allah and how by indulging in sins, you have earned His wrath and anger. Think also, where would you end up if you were to die in a sinful state without seeking repentance.

Think of the blessings of Allah, which you could have used for doing virtuous acts. You abused them to indulge in sins.

Think of the dire warnings of Allah and the Prophet (peace be upon) against those who persist in sins.

Visualize the torments of hell-fire. By meditating on these points continuously you can hope to engender a feeling of remorse and sorrow.

Also, never fail to seek the help of Allah to open your heart and remove the filth that might have sealed your heart.

The Prophet said, “when a person sins, for the first time, it falls on his heart like a black dot. If he repents and makes amends, the stain is removed. If, however, he persists in sin and commits it, again and again, the black stain expands, and it ends up covering the entire heart. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said that is the state of the sealing of the heart, (mentioned in the Quran). When that happens, the person loses all sense of discrimination between good and bad; instead, he ends up considering good as bad and bad as good.”

May Allah save us from reaching this abysmal pit. And may He inspire to return to Him in repentance and practice constancy of istighfar.

Almighty Allah knows best.

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