Do customizable game character come under imitation of creation?


Are games such as Destiny, SIMS ,IMVU, Mine craft etc which someone joins/makes friends online (of the same gender) to chat and see each others characters as-well as build things and explore etc. allowed? The characters are 3D with different options like hair,eye, skin color, different types of clothes,tall or short etc) Does this come under imitation of creation of Allah since it’s a 3D avatar & you didn’t program it and are only using the options to choose from, Is it fine as long as person tries to avoid giving the character human like features like regular skin color blue/brown eyes/eyes etc meaning for example making the skin blue,hair green, eyes red making it look exotic or alien like? The person stays away from nudity etc and plays from time to time. I am not sure if it’s okay but I put 2 pictures as a reference of what I mean.


You need to ask yourself these three questions to decide whether what you are doing is halal or haram?

1- What beneficial purpose does your work serve? Does it help society by promoting virtue or provide education that contributes to human welfare?

2- Is your intention pure and sincere to serve Allah and the community

3- Is the content pure or free of all obscene message or suggestions

You can satisfy these questions, and then there is no harm in using cartoons or drawing in Islam for the simple reason it is a medium of communication. As is the case with any other medium of communication, the criterion that makes it halal or haram is what purpose it serves; if it serves a useful purpose, it is considered permissible or even recommended.

One crucial point to consider in evaluating the use of media is today it is used by those who seek to spread corruption on earth most efficiently; it is a weapon they wiled most efficiently. So, if we were to refrain from using it for a beneficial purpose, we help them win over.

Almighty Allah knows best.

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