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I’m a non-Muslim but I’m wanting to convert/revert to Islam. I recently had an argument with a Muslim friend who was helping me learn Islam. I go to the mosque with him and listen to lectures from the Imam. But after the argument, he does not want to be friends anymore. He said that he forgives me but does not want to reconcile. He told me he will take it to his grave not to be friends with me anymore. I’m afraid that I might not continue with reverting. I don’t want to turn my back from Islam and from all that I learned. What can I do about this? And what can I do to reconcile with him?


I cannot tell you how you can convince the person to reconcile with you. Your best bet is to go and ask the Imam of the mosque to speak to him. If that does not work, can you find another person whom you think he will trust and accept advice from?

If nothing works, I would advise you to leave him alone.  If he is the reason you are choosing to embrace Islam, then that is not a good option. You should embrace Islam only out of personal conviction and not for any worldly motives.

Almighty Allah Knows best.

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