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Assalamu alaikum….. While praying nawafil after zuhr I felt a drop of something in my private though I’m sure something dropped but I don’t know if it is urine or not because I did not feel it passing since my underwear was wet so I concluded it is water from my wet underwear. Before asr I rinsed my underwear and the trouser I wore which is in immediate contact with my underwear but I did not clean the gown and hijab I wore I also did not clean the mat which I use to pray although I sat down to recite the Quran after my solah with the same clothe which I think is impur. I prayed asr with the same clothe and mat but during the solah I did not feel any drop despite that my underwear was wet as it was during zuhr so this Made me think whether it was indeed urine that came out during zuhr.

If it was indeed urine but I made myself believe it wasn’t are all my solah in the clothe and the mat invalid?

If another person use the mat and I didn’t inform them about the impurity is their solah invalid? Will their sin of praying with impurity be on me?

If urine did get on my wet underwear is it enough for me to just clean the underwear or do I have to clean my clothe and the mat too if I did sit on the mat after solah with the same clothe?

If I doubt about something and ignore it but it did happen will I be punished by Allah?

If what came out was indeed urine but ignored it is my solah invalid?

If the urine did get in contact with the prayer mat are all my solah and those of other people on the same prayer mat invalid too?

If I know that a place is impure but did not inform other people about the impurity and they prayed on the impure mat will I be punished?

I’m sorry for the long questions but I will really appreciate it to be answered specifically as this matter is giving me great difficulty and making me look forward to when I will be menstrating so I will not pray which is not good  


Wa `alaykum As-Salamu waRahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

You seem to be suffering from Waswas or nagging doubts. You need to shake this habit by seeking refuge and protection with Allah. It is Satan’s way of distracting you from prayer.

For details, let me cite one of my earlier answers:

The answer to your question may vary according to one of the two scenarios described below:
“If you are suffering from incontinence, or bladder control problems, then you should do the following:

You should make sure to wash yourself and perform your ablution close to the time of the Salah you intend to perform. After having done so, if, during the course of your Salah, you were to experience any wetness, drops, etc., you need not worry about it; it shall be considered as “excused” in your case. Allah clearly tells us
“He has not appointed any hardship for you in your religion.” (Q. 22:78) But we must, once again, stress that in this case, one must only perform the necessary purification and Wudhu as close to the Salah as possible.

Regarding the second scenario:
If you do not suffer from incontinence or bladder problems, then you must ask yourself whether you are certain that you have started your Salah after having clearly established the necessary purification and Wudu or not. If you are definitely certain that you have done so, then you don’t need to pay attention to such intrusive thoughts or doubts that assail your mind unless you see some tangible signs indicating otherwise. Such tangible signs include wetness, foul smell or sound of passing winds or fart, etc. If you were to experience any of these tangible signs, you must break your Salah and resume it only after having performed the requisite procedure of purification and Wudhu,

If, on the other hand, you did not experience any such tangible signs indicated above, then you don’t need to pay any attention to such doubts. This is in accordance with the principle of Fiqh that “Certainty cannot be undermined by mere doubt or hesitation”. Therefore, you should continue your Salah until such time that you see clear signs to the contrary.

In this case indicated above, it is important for us to know that such nagging doubts are due to the whisperings of Satan as the Prophet (peace be upon him) told us that Satan will approach us in our Salah, trying to distract us from it. In doing so, he will definitely play different cards with different people. If, in your case, he is to trying to cast doubts in your mind regarding your purification, in the case of another, it may be by suggesting some other thoughts, and, hence, the remedy for it is simply turning to Allah for protection and invoking His help against the accursed one.

Almighty Allah Knows best.

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