Swallowed tonsil stone in Ramadan


I sometimes get tonsil stones (these white-ish pieces that can come up the throat. While fasting, I’m not sure if this tonsil stone didn’t come up the throat, or came up the throat half way but not fully, or if it fully came up. Nonetheless when I was swallowing my saliva, I don’t believe I had any indication beforehand that there was a piece of something there (if I can remember correctly – I sometimes doubt when I have to recollect something), and then once I swallowed my saliva and that piece went back down is when I felt it. I spit out any remaining piece and rinsed my mouth. Is my fast valid?


If you were able to spit it down and yet did not do so and deliberately swallowed it, then your fast is broken, and you need to make it up.

If you could not spit out having tried to do so, then you need not worry as your fast is still valid.

Almighty Allah Knows best.

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