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1- My father drinks alcohol, so my mother married me without his permission. My uncle was not made a guardian in this marriage while he is a believer. Because my mother does not like my uncle. My twelve year old brother was made the guardian of me at the time of marriage So is this marriage permissible?

2- At the time of marriage, I did not like my husband and I was forced to do so


If the marriage was done in conformity with the legal requirements of the land, then you need not worry about its validity.

Your mother should have asked your uncle to represent you. However, if the marriage had been solemnized in fulfilling all other requirements and you consented to it, you need not object to it.  If you did not want it, you should have said so.

If having gone through it, now you do not wish to continue, you need to seek divorce by following the legal procedures. You should know that divorce is only allowed as a last recourse:

Valid Reasons for Divorce in Islam

Almighty Allah Knows best.

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