I feel so restless even I can’t sleep properly i don’t know what is bothering me i just want to cry every time I fear that m so alone i’ve no one i don’t even talk to anyone.


Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh sister,

It sounds like that are a couple of different components to your situation that are causing you distress; the physical side of actually being constantly restless as well as the emotional and psychological component that stems from your loneliness. Due to this combination there are are couple of ways to move forward and overcome this dealing with all the components of your situation.

The first thing you should do is visit your doctor to check that there is not an underlying condition that is causing your physical symptoms of restlessness as there are conditions that can actually cause such symptoms and there are medical treatments available to treat It. It may be that the secondary consequences of having a medical condition such as this is causing psychological distress due to something like a lack of sleep due to a restless pattern not permitting the body to get the necessary rest to function properly.

If all medical conditions are ruled out then you should look into possible psychological causes for your symptoms. The fact that in your short query you mention feeling lonely with no one to talk to indicates that this could potentially be the cause of psychological distress which is causing the physical symptoms of restlessness too. It is often the case that psychological symptoms are accompanied by physical manifestations of the same, sometimes making it difficult to distinguish whether a physical condition is the primary cause resulting in psychological distress as mentioned above, or whether the primary cause is psychological resulting in physical symptomology. If the latter is the case then you can begin by trying to identify the causes of your restlessness by identifying what precisely is bothering you. You mention here that you don’t know what exactly is bothering you so you knight consider keeping a journal where you regularly check in with yourself during the day rating what’s happening and how you feel (in words or a simple 1-10 scale of happy – sad) . After a week or so take some time to analyse your journal to see if you can notice any patterns. Does there seem to be any particular event, or time of a day, or place when you are reporting low feelings? Understanding what your triggers are will make it easier for you to deal with the exact cause of your difficulties more effectively.

In addition, perhaps your journaling will reveal that it is specifically moments when you feel alone or need others by your side that you are feeling particularly down, or perhaps it will not, but your query suggests that this may well be the case as you are conscious that this is an issue for you. This is not surprising as social contact with others is key to healthy psychological and emotional wellbeing. So, regardless of whether you identify this as the cause of your restlessness this is something you should work on for your overall health too. If you have some old friends, make contact with them, organise a meet up, or invite them to your house. Make it a regular thing to maintain contact. If not, or in addition to this, attend local sisters meet ups in your local masjid if this exists in your local community and get actively involved in things that they do. This will be a great eman booster as well as a chance to meet others who follow the same Deen as yourself. Alternatively, if you have a particular hobby, or even a hobby that you have always fancied trying but haven’t, find a local club and sign up to meet with others who share similar interests to you. Either of these options will give you an opp3to meet with others and do something meaningful with yourself. This will certainly help with the feelings of restlessness that you are experiencing in terms of filling a void, providing you with psychological comfort and even keeping you busy so that you will be more likely to sleep well so therefore serves multiple beneficial purposes for you.

May Allah ease your affairs and grant you good health, both physically and psychologically.

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