Why not call it an ante Islam instead of before messiah?



Assalamu walaikum, I have a doubt about the deceiver, I always read talking about the false Messiah, but why do we use that word? “false messiah”?, will he say that it is God and not Jesus, or will he say that it is Jesus and not God?

If it is he stating that it is God because he calls him false messiah and not false God? For we know that the Messiah is not God and neither son, please help me understand, jazak Allah khair.



Wa `alaykum As-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

 False Messiah is called al-Maseeh al-dajjal; he is the false Messiah who will be sent before the Hour; he would work to turn people away from the truth.

There are two opinions about why he is called Maseeh. One of them is that he is called Maseeh because he is one-eyed, and his other eye is as if wiped out. Another view is that he is given some extraordinary powers like Jesus, but unlike Jesus, he will use them to turn the people away from the way of Allah. He would claim divine powers and call people to worship him. That is why he is called the false Messiah.

Although he would mislead many, he cannot deceive the believers as they will recognize the sign written on his forehead, which they can read ‘kaafir or rejector of truth’.

Jesus, the true Messiah, will defeat him. Jesus will slay him in combat, and that will be the end of his story.

I pray to Allah to save us from all trials and tribulations, including that of the false Messiah, and help us remain steadfast on the straight path.

Allah Almighty knows best.

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