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I get very tiny spots which is brown in colour outside my menstrual cycle for a long period of time which affects me doing my sunnah zuhr and fajr prayer as those two prayers I have to pray during the exact time those prayers come and as you know you have to do ablution for each prayer if you have tiny brown spots thus won’t be able to perform the sunnah prayers. Is there a solution to this? and does spotting really invalidate wudu? It’s irritating for me to constantly do wudu for each prayer at a job. I would appreciate if you can help my problem



If it is hard for you to wash and make wudu for each prayer (especially while at work), you are allowed to use the concession that applies to Mustahadha: i.e., you are allowed to combine Zhuhr with Asr: you may pray both either at the time of Zhuhr or Asr. Likewise, you may do the same with Maghrib and Isha.

However, if you are comfortable and find no hardship in renewing wudu (while at home, for instance), it is best not to make use of the concession.

Abu Dawud and An-Nasai report on the authority of Aishah: a woman was challenged with the abnormal menses (istihadah) and he Prophet advised her to combine Zhuhr and Asr (by advancing Asr and delaying Zhuhr) and perform one ghusl for both, and likewise combine Maghrib and Isha in the same manner.”

Jurists have deduced from this the permissibility of combining prayers when faced with hardship. Your case can be compared with this, and so you are allowed when faced with difficulty in making wudu separately for each prayer (while at work) combine Zhuhr and Asr by washing yourself and doing wudu and then perform both prayers one after the other.

Allah Almighty knows best.

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