My husband has had several extra-marital affairs. I’ve advised him that I’m unhappy and that he needs to change. He changes for awhile then goes back to the same thing.  He advised me that he isn’t financially responsible for me and that I need to pay half of the bills and that I will need to start paying all the bills next month. He made me quit my job due to the fact I had to communicate with males. I was a manager at a restaurant.  But it was okay for him to pay prostitutes. What are my rights as a Muslim woman getting ready to go through a divorce?


If your husband is guilty of infidelity and you have valid reasons to believe it, and you have no hope for him to change, then you should seek a divorce from him.

On the proper procedure of divorce, please consult the following answer:

What Are the Procedure and Rulings of Divorce?


Allah Almighty knows best.

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