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Creating Adam

Perhaps you are referring to a tradition attributed to the Prophet (peace be upon him), which states: Inna Allah khalaqa Aadama alaa surathihi

These words have been variously translated by scholars. According to one group, it means that Allah created Adam in his original human form (as distinct from other animals), thus preempting any notion of them evolving from animals, including monkeys. Another translation is that Allah created him in His image.

If we take it in the latter sense, we must not take it literally as doing so involves anthropomorphism which is repugnant to both scripture and reason. Allah tells us in the Qur’an: “There is no one comparable to Him”; “There is nothing like Him.”

So for anyone to take the above statement literally would be akin to comparing Allah with His creation.

Then a question arises: What is the meaning of this statement?

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The only viable interpretation is as Imam Ghazali states: It is to be taken in a spiritual sense to denote that Allah has endowed man with traits such as mastery, knowledge, reason, etc., that makes them His vicegerents on earth. Stated differently, God has breathed from His spirit into the human form, which makes them the crown of creation and God’s representatives on earth.

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