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halaal or haram

This is a contentious issue among scholars. One group considers it as a bid’ah to be shunned altogether; while another group considers it as permissible as long as we do not consider it as a religious ritual – provided we do not go overboard with it by being extravagant and wasteful.


I would endorse the second view. A bid’ah is a religious verdict which applies strictly to matters of worship; it should not be extended to customs that have no religious bearing. In other words, as far religious practices are concerned we are not to invent anything new; rather we ought to govern ourselves with what has been already prescribed by the Law-giver.

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As for customs, the rule is permission unless forbidden by a clear evidence in a revealed text. Since there is no such text we cannot forbid the custom of celebrating birthdays.


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Thanks to such latitude in the Shari`ah, Muslims throughout centuries – as individuals as well as a nation –have been celebrating great moments in their lives. A clear example is the practice of many Muslim countries celebrating their nationhood or anniversaries, etc.


In conclusion, you may celebrate the birthday as long as you do not turn it into a religious ritual and stay away from questionable practices, it is not considered haram (forbidden) if you were to invite your family and friends and express the joy and give thanks to Allah on such an occasion.

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