Sheikh Kifah Mustapha: Fatwas on Women Issues

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Thank you very much for joining us in this Live Fatwa session. We would like also to thank our guest, Sheikh Kifah Mustapha, for answering the questions directed to him. You will find the answers of your questions below.

Saturday, Apr. 28, 2018 | 13:00 - 15:00 Makkah | 10:00 - 12:00 GMT

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Assalamu alaikum shaikh. I'm describing a situation . I hope you will answer according to it. A woman wants to continue her job/work after her marriage . so she stipulated conditions about it & husband agreed. Then they are married & their child born. When children will be school-going age , is it must that mothers have to homeschooling their child in stead of sending schools? Can she choose to send her sons & daughters to school cause she wants to continue work & maximum children goes to school as it is norm & it is conventional education system. Please note that if child learn anything wrong from outside world ,mother will correct them. And she can maintain balance between family & career with husband's help in responsibilities of home & children cause they(husband & wife) mutually share it.

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Wa `alaykum as-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.


I am a believer that social interaction in regular school is very important for the wellbeing and growth of any child. Homeschooling might work for a certain period of time but in my view it is not the best choice for kids on the long term.


Talk to your husband and see if both can come on such understanding,


Allah Almighty knows best. 

Assalamu alaikum shaikh,during obligatory/voluntary fasting can women go outside house for job,study,shopping, going to relative's house,other purposes & talk with non mahram when situation arises as they would do when they were not fasting ? Is there any rulings that, even if they are allowed to go outside, they can stay limited hours outside home?

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Wa `alaykum as-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.


Yes, all what you have said as long as it is Halal it can be done when fasting or not. None of these will affect the validity of your fasting.


It is just preferable that people invest more time in acts of worship instead.


Allah Almighty knows best. 

I am pregnant Alhamdolillah with my first child . I will be in my 8th month of pregnancy this Ramadan InshaaAllah . I want to know what's the Islamic ruling for me to fast in pregnancy . I tried searching online but found different opinions a)to fast later b) to feed one poor per day of Ramadan c) both above options . I am niyat to feed my baby InshaaAllah for 2 years . I'm afraid I will miss Ramadan for consecutive 3 years . Please guide me

Fasting in pregnancy - About Islam

I believe that pregnant and nursing women do not need to fast or make up days. They can just pay the fidya only and it is sufficient.


Allah Almighty knows best. 

I have been married to my husband for 35 years. We are both religious people and had many good years. We lived in the US for the first 7 years then Kuwait for 15 years (but always planned to return to the US). My husband never forgave me for returning to the US and now treats me differently. He was ok for a while but when out children became teens and started getting into trouble he blamed me! He treats me like I'm not important, like what I have to say shouldn't be said, I have no say in any thing regarding our life together or our children. I worked for many years and supported more than half to the family but always gave it ALL to him. Now the children are grown and paying him to live in our house, I have a small disability income but he provides nothing. He goes to the mosque nightly and shopping almost nightly but it is a fight to get him to take me somewhere once a week now that I'm wearing hijab. NOW I FEEL ALL I GET FROM HIM IS A HARD TIME!! Would it be ungrateful to Allah (because I have never had to struggle) if I decided to divorce him because I feel he is mentally abusing me and his power as the man? He says it is not my business what he does and where he goes! I also believe that if I remove my hijab he would be more pleased with me!

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When people end up in places they do not like it will be a life of frustration for them and people around them too. Negativity will always be a cloud over them and unless someone offers to ease such stress on them it will just grow bigger and worse.


The prophet (peace be upon him) mentioned the term (Ba’s) which means a sufficient reason as the reason for a woman seeking divorce and that she will not be blamed.


I suggest that you try counseling first if he refuses and things do not change, then you would have done your homework to keep the family together and after that if you seek divorce it will your decision.


Allah Almighty knows best. 

I am a student in Canada who needs to wake up for school at around 6:45 AM, but as we near the summer months, Isha starts far later into the night, as late as 11:45 PM. The problem is I need to go to sleep far earlier in order to get the needed amount of sleep for my age (at least 8 hours a night). I have read that combining Magrib and Isha is permissible if praying it on time would create difficulty. However, I do not know if my situation would count as "difficult" or is difficult enough to make it permissible. I cannot wake up before Fajr to pray Isha, so that isn't an option. Is it mandatory for me to sacrifice some hour/hours of sleep (which may not be healthy) in order to pray Isha on time? Thank you

Combing Magrib and Isha prayer for sleep purposes - About Islam

If you do it few times then I can see your point but to make it a habit, no.


Unless you check with a doctor and he declares it as a medical condition that will cause you harm for such irregularity in sleeping patterns, then yes.
Allah Almighty knows best. 

Assalamu alaikum shaikh, it is encouraged in Islam to make dua/supplication . my question is about it. Women like to do study , having job/career, hobby of doing halal art & craft,reading books, doing online course , doing volunteering charity works, social works,teaching people(both men & women) about different skills & knowledge both online & real life,gain knowledge about different worldly subjects & things from various source from both online & real life, exercise,writing,stitching, embroidery, designing,making dress,making cards ,making things & all other creative,constructive,productive works. These things nurture her mind. These are positive for her mental health. These give her confidence & make her life meaningful. Can she supplicate to Allaah,so that He makes it easy for her doing these above mentioned things & makes her surrounding/environment positive for doing these whether she is unmarried or married & whether she is childless or not & in all situations of her life until death? Is it considered valid supplication?

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Wa `alaykum as-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.


Yes, of course it will be a great supplication. Any act that will add quality to the lifestyle of a person, male or female, you can make Dua for it as long as it is halal.


Allah Almighty knows best.