About Dajjal

Dajjal is a man born to human parents.


Among his descriptions in the sources that he is one-eyed, who, nevertheless has been endowed by God with certain extra ordinary powers defying normal human perceptions. He will use such powers to deceive people, who may take him to be God. Many people will be carried away by his tricks. Mind you there is no shortage of men and women playing or pretending to be ‘gods’ in many pagan societies who continue to deceive millions of gullible masses in many parts of the world.


However, Dajjal will surpass them all in his acts of trickery.  Therefore, he will be able to gather around him a large number of people. Only a minority of firm believers will be protected. And eventually, they will be vindicated.


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Belief in extraordinary signs preceding the Hour is part of essential Islamic beliefs, including the coming of Dajjal. And the Prophet (peace be upon him) has taught us to seek protection in Allah from the fitnah or seduction of Dajjal. We are told to offer a supplication to that effect in our daily prayers.


Before closing, let me also state: Although there are so many reports depicting Dajjal, which are either dubious if not outright fabrication. Since such matters belong to the realm of ghayb (which are beyond human cognition or perception)  we must abide by the adab that the Prophet taught us while answering the questions of Jibreel: The one who is questioned about it does not know any better than the questioner himself. So, we must refer the details to Allah, and we will know them when this prediction has been fulfilled. What is important for us now is to pray to Allah that he saves us from his snares and guiles.


Almighty Allah knows best.

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