My question is about hoor.

If in Jannah, a female wants a man all to herself without any other girl involved, and if that is what a soul desires, Allah has said he would fulfill all the wishes of the soul.Maybe this can also get fulfilled?

Think, if a copy of the real version of the husband is created but she wants the real one to herself,without the real husband being involved with the hoors, would that be given to her?

a wife wouldn’t want his husband not to have the pleasures that Allah has promised,but it isn’t justice that a woman has to share her husband in a life so eternal. Isnt Allah Just?

If for example, Allah gives a copy, then there isn’t a point to marry someone in this world,obey him or beautify oneself for him.The feelings of love would never come for a woman towards her man,knowing he is going to be with multiple wives. This isn’t justice.

I understand envy and all those traits won’t exist,but why cant it be that this trait of men,them desiring multiple women at the same time also vanish?

the answer it is in the nature, isn’t a good enough answer,it just irritates me. no one was given an option to be born male or female.


Jannah is where all of our wishes ae fulfilled.

So, we ought to focus on striving hard to get to Jannah rather than being occupied about such issues.

While speaking of the Jannah and its experiences, we must refrain from measuring them by the standards and scales of our mundane world. It is like an infant in the womb trying to imagine life outside the womb.

The life of the next world is not even comparable to the earthly life; how could anyone dare to speak about it using the standards and concepts of this world?

The Quran tells us that we will be recreated in an altogether new mold, and we would all be perpetually young. We will also be purged of all feelings of envy and jealousy that impair and keep us discontented here. So, the question you posed does not even arise in Jannah.

I would, therefore, urge you to dispel such frivolous thoughts; instead, focus on works that would bless you with the eternal bliss in Jannah.

Almighty Allah Knows best.

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